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Reusable Coffee Cup Program

An easy way for coffee shops to reduce waste & cost while delighting customers

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What We Do


For Consumers

  • Get reusable packaging at participating coffee shops

  • Pay a $1 deposit with no sign up

  • Three ways to easily return 


For Gig Workers

  • Sign up to earn money picking up cups from outside of homes

  • Work  on your own time

  • Make money while saving the world


For Coffee Shops

  • Guaranteed cheaper than compostable/recycled single use 

  • Easy to use system with no sign up at check out for customers

  • Get clean cups delivered weekly to your store

How It Works



Get to Know Us

  • "Avant" means before in French. We think through the entire lifecycle of your packaging before it reaches your hands.

  • From the beginning we understood that trying to change consumer behavior is the wrong battle. Instead we built the company around a different philosophy.

  • Make reusable an everyday option for regular people that live busy lives.

Headquartered in
Jackson Hole, WY

Avant draws daily inspiration from the natural world that completely surrounds Jackson Hole, WY. We believe that it is our responsibility to conserve the places that make our world wonderful. 

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