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Avant's Reusable Coffee Cup Program Launches in Salt Lake City, Utah

Welcome to Avant Delivery! We exist to replace single use coffee cups, with durable reusable cups that can be used up to 1,000 times before being recycled. Avant makes reusable an option for normal people that are too busy to go out of their way to be sustainable every day. We sell our reusable coffee cups to local shops for less than the cost of single use. These participating stores already have cups stocked up, ready for customers. Customers can opt to reuse with a $1 deposit at checkout with no sign up required. Customers can get their deposit back by using one of our convenient return options.

Salt Lake City Launch

Avant is excited to announce our partnership with Kings Peak Coffee Roasters as the first store in the Salt Lake City area. Check them out for a cup of locally roasted and consciously sourced coffee in an Avant reusable cup!

Our History

Avant was founded in 2020 by Sam Schwartz, a former professional big mountain skier. He was motivated to find a way to repay the natural environment that served as the foundation for his ski career. Avant is headquartered in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where the rugged mountains are a daily inspiration for the team to work hard and protect what matters most.

The company was built around the philosophy that most people aren't willing to change their behavior to be more sustainable. It became our mission to create solutions that allow everyday busy people to be sustainable without the hassle.

Avant began operating in 2021 with a grocery delivery service in reusable bags and compost hauling. In 2022 the company invested in various lines of reusable packaging and tested use cases for restaurant take out, coffee cups, meal kits , produce, and more. Avant built a following of over 100 customers and 25 business clients during the 2022 pilot series.

The initial pilot program in Jackson gave Avant valuable data and insight on the best path to growing a nationwide reusables system.

Avant chose to focus exclusively on coffee cups moving forward. Single use paper coffee cups are not recyclable due to their thin plastic lining, and an estimated 50 billion are landfilled each year in the United States alone.

Connect with us!

If you are a coffee shop in the Salt Lake area interested in Avant’s services or if you’re a customer who would like to see your favorite store participate in the program feel free to reach out to


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