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Brewing Change: Avant Delivery Partners with Kings Peak Coffee Roasters

At Avant Delivery, we're fueled by a passion for making sustainability easy. That's why we're thrilled to announce our partnership with Kings Peak Coffee Roasters, a beacon of change in the world of coffee.


Kings Peak Coffee’s Mission: To Put The World On Notice


In a world where big coffee corporations prioritize profit over people, Kings Peak Coffee stands out with a bold mission. They're here to put the world on notice, demonstrating that small purchases from compassionate individuals like you can drive monumental change. Their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing aligns perfectly with our vision at Avant Delivery. 


Their Origin: A Journey of Connection and Empowerment


Kings Peak Coffee's journey began with profound connections forged with coffee farmers in Costa Rica. Inspired by the resilience and ingenuity of these farmers, Kings Peak Coffee set out to empower them by showcasing their sustainably cultivated beans. It's not just about the coffee, it’s about the generational bonds and livelihoods that hinge on each harvest. We're proud to stand with Kings Peak Coffee in their vision for a better future.


Their Coffee: Ethical Sourcing, Exceptional Quality


At Kings Peak Coffee, every bean tells a story of dedication and integrity. Their commitment to empowering Direct Trade relationships ensures that every farmer is not just surviving but thriving. By paying above-market prices for their coffee, Kings Peak Coffee invests in better conditions, equipment, and training for everyone in the supply chain. The result? Exceptional quality coffee that's ethically sourced and sustainably produced.


Why We're Excited to Partner with Kings Peak Coffee:


1. Family-Run Business:  Kings Peak Coffee is more than just a coffee roaster & shop, it’s a family. Their dedication to quality and authenticity shines through in every cup.


2. High Quality Coffee Beans: All of Kings Peak coffee is sourced either through Direct Trade farmers in Costa Rica or sourced through reputable importers that have a history of paying fair prices down the supply chain. This business decision helps Kings Peak Coffee ensure transparency and fairness throughout the supply chain.


3. Kings Peak’s Passion:  The Ledbetter family, the driving force behind Kings Peak Coffee, epitomizes the pursuit of sustainability and fair-trade practices. After previous careers the family ended up following their heart into the coffee roasting business, creating a company that is an integral part of the Salt Lake City community.


Together, Avant Delivery and Kings Peak Coffee Roasters are brewing change, one cup at a time. Visit Kings Peak Coffee Roasters in person to be one of the first to experience a cup of exceptional coffee in an Avant cup  🌱☕ #reusable #Avant #beforerecyclable #reusablecoffeecup #savetheplanet #lesswaste

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