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Closing the Loop A Simple Guide to Avant's Reusable Cup Return Process

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In the pursuit of a more sustainable future, every action counts. Avant's reusable cup initiative reduces waste and makes it incredibly easy for consumers to play their part. Wondering how to seamlessly return your Avant cup? Let's break down the four simple steps:

Step 1: Enjoy Your Drink

Order your beverage at your favorite participating coffee shop, then simply ask for an Avant reusable cup. Pay a $1 deposit per cup without having to sign up at checkout.  Enjoy your favorite coffee or beverage in Avant's reusable cup. Sip, savor, and appreciate the moment, knowing that you're making a conscious choice for the environment.

Step 2: Choose Your Return Option

After enjoying your drink, it's time to return the Avant cup. Avant offers three convenient options:

  • Return at our convenient return bins: Avant has strategically placed return bins  in convenient locations. These kiosks are designed to make the return process effortless. Simply drop your used cup into the designated slot, and you're done! No need to worry about cleaning; our state-of-the-art facilities take care of that for you.

  • Home pickup by local community members: Prefer the comfort of your home? Avant provides the option to have your used cup picked up by a local community member. Simply schedule a pickup through our app, and a friendly neighbor will collect your cup, ensuring it gets back into the reuse cycle.

  • Order delivery from one of our partner restaurants and have your cups picked up when your food arrives.

Step 3: Get Your Deposit Back

When you purchase an Avant cup, a $1 deposit per cup is included. It's a small investment with a big impact. Once you return your cup using one of our hassle-free methods, you get your $1 deposit back. For those of you that are short on time, we offer two return options where cups are picked up directly from your home for a fee.  Our return options give you the flexibility to be sustainable without changing your lifestyle.

Step 4: Feel Good About Your Contribution

Once you've returned your cup and reclaimed your deposit, pat yourself on the back. You've just taken a significant step toward reducing single-use waste. Your contribution goes beyond a simple action — it's a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Avant ensures that the cups collected are properly cleaned, sanitized, and made ready for the next consumer.

Why It Works: Simplicity and Impact

Avant's four-step return process is intentionally simple. We understand the importance of convenience in driving sustainable habits. By strategically placing kiosks and offering home pickups, we've eliminated potential hurdles for users. This simplicity encourages widespread adoption, making a real impact on reducing the environmental footprint of disposable cups.

Join the Movement

Avant's  cup return process is more than just a transaction; it's a movement toward a cleaner, greener future. Avant cups can be reused up to

1,000 times which means every cup returned is a win for the environment, a step toward a circular economy, and a choice for sustainable living. 

Are you ready to make your sips count? Join us in embracing the simplicity of Avant's reusable cup return process and be part of the solution.

Together, we're creating a world where enjoying your favorite drink aligns with protecting the planet. Cheers to sustainability, one cup at a time! 🌿☕ #AvantSustainability #ReusableRevolution #GreenLiving

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