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Unlock Ultimate Convenience with Avant: Reusable Cup Home Pickup

At Avant, we get it – life gets busy, and so do you. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our Home Pickup service, making sustainability as easy as it should be.

Avant cups waiting to be picked up outside of a home

🏡 Home Pickup:

Picture this: You finish your favorite brew, set the used Avant cup aside, and that's it. Our app allows you to schedule a pickup at your convenience. A local community member swings by to collect your used cup for a small fee to you. No extra steps, no detours – just a simple, sustainable solution that fits into your life seamlessly.

Why Choose Home Pickup?

  • Effortless Contribution: Making a positive impact doesn’t get easier than this. Your used cup gets collected without you lifting a finger.

  • Local Touch: It's more than just a pickup, it's a connection. Embrace the community spirit as a neighbor takes care of your cup.

How Home Pickup Works:

  • Enjoy Your Drink: Savor your favorite beverage in an Avant reusable cup.

  • Request a pick up: Make an Avant account and schedule a pickup at your doorstep.

  • Feel the Impact: Your choice is more than a pickup,  it's an investment in a sustainable future.

Avant: Where Sustainability Meets Your Doorstep.

Join us in making sustainability effortless, starting with your home. Ready to redefine convenience and make every sip count? Ask for your coffee in an Avant Cup at King's Peak Coffee Roasters today and be on the look out for new participating shops coming soon. 🌍

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